Why Women Should Play Touch…

There are a great many reasons why anyone should play Touch, but especially women and girls.

Video promoting a women’s Touch league in Victoria, Australia where Touch is a sport with one of the highest participation rates amongst children and adults

As the video above shows, the main reasons why women should play can be broken down as:

  • It’s fun
  • It’s a good work-out
  • It’s great for your legs and bum
  • It’s good socially
  • You meet new mates
  • It’s better than Netball (!)

Touch for Women - Fun & Fitness

Many of the Touch skills are transferable from other sports, such as netball, rugby, football, basketball and athletics.

  • Catching and passing effectively are essential to netball
  • Running quickly for short and long distances, sometimes over prolonged periods is related to many athletic disciplines such as sprinting or cross country
  • Basketball players will be able to relate to running up and down in attack and defence at high speed whilst handling the ball
  • Football and rugby players will recognise defensive strategies, communication, as well as dynamic movements such as dodging, cutting down space and support play

So Ladies, if you are yet to give Touch a go, maybe it’s time you did…?

2 thoughts on “Why Women Should Play Touch…

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