Level 1 Refs Course Date Change

The referees course will now take place on Wednesday 25th April from 6pm – 9pm (location TBC) instead of this Sunday 25th March.  Use the previous form below to register.  The course is a great first step into Touch refereeing, of course, it is also useful for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of the rules.

Fe fydd cwrs dyfarnu ar nos Fercher 25ain o Ebrill (lleoliad i’w gadarnhau) yn hytrach na dydd Sul yma, 25ain o Fawrth. Defnyddiwch ffurflen flaenorol isod i gofrestru. Mae’r cwrs yn gam cyntaf i ddyfarnu Cyffwrdd, wrth gwrs, ond mae’n ddefnyddiol i unrhyw un sydd eisiau gwella eu dealltwriaeth rheolau Cyffwrdd.

Ref App Form 2012

10 reasons to be a Touch ref
Refereeing Touch – 10 good reasons to get qualified

Maybe you’re new to Touch, maybe you’re a casual player who wants to better understand the rules, or maybe you have ambitions of playing or refereeing representative Touch.  Perhaps you already referee rugby or another sport and are looking for something to keep you busy in the summer.

Whatever your situation, here are 10 good reasons why you should commit three hours of your life to doing the Level 1 European Touch Referee Course:

  1. Your understanding of the game will improve – that is beneficial to both players and referees
  2. You will be valued – referees are integral to the further development of the game in Wales
  3. You can earn some extra cashCyffwrdd Sir Gâr Touch pay £5 per game (usually three games per evening)
  4. You could represent your country at top level tournaments around the world
  5. Your fitness will improve – imagine doing shuttle runs for forty minutes (and that’s just one game!)
  6. You will enjoy it – refereeing is fun!
  7. You will enjoy the great camaraderie that exists amongst Touch referees
  8. You will gain a sense of satisfaction from facilitating games and helping others
  9. You can receive ongoing coaching and development from WTA referee director, Kevin Hobbs
  10. More qualified referees = more games played = higher standard of Touch

Level 1 European Touch Referee Course organised by WTA and Cyffwrdd Sir Gar Touch 

Wales Touch Association Referee Director Kevin Hobbs
Kevin Hobbs – Wales Touch Association Referee Director

WTA Referee Director and Level 5 qualified referee, Kevin Hobbs will be running the course.  Kevin recently returned from representing Wales as a referee at the Touch World Cup in Scotland.  He has refereed all over the UK, Europe and the southern hemisphere and is Wales’ only level 5 qualified referee at this point in time.

Wednesday 25th April, 6pm – 9pm

Location – TBC

More information available by emailing touch@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or phone – 01554 744 354

Complete the application form (link below) and send along with a cheque for £12.00 (payable to WTA) – no prior learning required for this course.

Ref App Form 2012


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