New Touch Training Game! Gem Newydd Ymarfer Cyffwrdd

OK, so my wife, kids and I wanted to do some Touch practice ready for this weekends tournament.  Only problem was, the washing was hanging out to dry in the back yard, so we didn’t have much room.  But with typical resourcefulness, we adapted and made up our own game – rugby, crossed with badminton and volley ball!

How to play:
Mark out a playing court with cones.  Pass the ball over the net (washing line), if the ball lands in your opponents area, you win a point, if outside the area, they win the point.  No downward throws are allowed.  Try and avoid treading on the babies or letting the ball hit them!  Try and ignore the excitable dog trying to steal the ball!  First to five wins!  You can play singles or doubles

This could be the latest craze to sweep the nation!!  Get involved – send your training videos to Cyffwrdd Gorllewin Gwyllt / Wild West Touch


Gadael Ymateb

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